<p>Runway modules encapsulate specific bits of advanced functionality that are easily added to your website.</p> <p>Once installed, Runway Modules are open source and easy to customize if you want to modify the behavior for your specific needs. <br />Because Runway modules are provided under the MIT license you are free to use and modify them any way you want, with no strings attached.</p> <p>To add Runway modules to your website, go to the <strong>Developer</strong> section, expand the <strong>Packages</strong> item and click <strong>Install Runway modules</strong>.</p> <p>Runwau modules are available for various kinds of navigation, a sitemap, and a contact form. The list of available Runway modules is growing rapidly and is automatically updated from a central source, always fresh and current.</p> <p><a href="http://umbraco.org/redir/Runway/aboutUmbraco">Get more information</a> about the umbraco way.</p>0