Convert XML Schema to 4.5


Simple conversion tool for migrating your old-school Umbraco (pre 4.5) xml scripts to the new v. 4.5 xml schema.
The converter does not contain a full xml parser, so pay attention to the converted result - is still under development.

Don't hesitate to write (@tommypoulsen at twitter, or mail me at umbraco at blackpoint dot dk) in case you discover any issues. Otherwise throw me a comment on the contact page with any feedback.

  2010.09.02: Fixed minor bugs (case of missing end-parenthesis, missing [@isDoc])
  2010.10.27: Fixed bug with pipe '|'-character
  2012.01.07: Allowing node() functions 
  2012.02.08: Allow '*' as node 


Ol'style source:

Bleeding edge v4.5-style source:


Source is available if you are interested - just send me a mail, then I'll wrap it up.