This package creates a pdf-file from Umbraco content, i.e. from a content node and optionally childnodes. The creation is done using the opensource iTextSharp library, adapted and customized for Umbraco usage.

Styles and layout

Although it is possible to apply a css-stylesheet to the html-to-pdf-rendering a lot of limitations in layout and styling should be expected. Not all styles are actually supported by iTextSharp, but hopefully I will work out which ones soon.

Positioning elements is probably where you will encounter the big differences, as the positioning-conversion does not cover all html/css formats. Especially in case of images, if you do not have align-attributes on your img-tags, you will have to bear with a general alignment for all images (passed as macro properties).

Also I have been doing a couple of assumption, such as adding default header/footer with page numbers, fonts etc.

The package is still an experimental package under development.


Example - and documentation

See a small live demo here (the current PdfCreator documentation).