BP.Umb.Dashboard, v4

Note: all functionality within this package has been included in the Member Admin package. Therefore this package will no longer be supported.


Dashboard Control: List Members By Groups

This dashboard control enables you to list all members in one or more Member Groups. The dashboard control will be available within the Umbraco client dashboard as a control in the members section (if you choose to install it there - see below)

The control looks like this:




Installation notes:

Install the package as usual - from the Umbraco backend developer section1. Download zip-file

Thats it !


An entry will be added to your Dashboard.config file:

<tab caption="List members by group">

   So your Dashboard.config looks something like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

  <tab caption="List members by group">


where ... indicates existing content. If you do not have a member-area section just add the full part. Here you can modify the position of the dashboard (section, tab etc.).




27. april 2009:

thanks a lot - just what I needed.

Commented by: jd1

15. juni 2009:

Nothing of this makes any sense, The BP.Umb.Dashboard folder does not exist after unpacking

Commented by: Kjelltj

16. juni 2009:

Kjell, please make sure you are downloading and unzipping the right file. The BP.Umb.Dashboard folder is within the /usercontrols folder of the zip archive.

Commented by: Tommy

24. juni 2009:

hiya, I think I've done everything right, but the userControl doesn't appear when I restart Umbraco and enter the member section when logged in as an admin. I do the following: 1) memberListByGroup.ascx --> C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\usercontrols\dashboards 2) BP.Umb.Dashboard.dll --> C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\bin 3) I actually had to manually insert the values of the "package" file into the "dashboard.config" file (as this file only contained commented out sections) I then added the userControl in the Developers --> Macro section... Any ideas? many thanks

Commented by: yogi