Blackpoint MemberAdmin

        Blackpoint MemberAdmin

Dashboard control for querying and modifying members.

* Querying by group membership
* Normal searching by name or email
* Bulk deletes on selected members
* Bulk re-grouping of selected members

Support native Umbraco member db, and partly Examine and membership providers.
Requires .Net 3.5 / 4.0



Install the package from the Developer section in the Umbraco backend, as usual. In case the dashboard-control doesn't show up correctly as a tab in the member-section, it's likely due to badly merged dashboard.config file.

To fix it open the /config/dashboard.config file and make sure your content look like this (make sure the new control is added to the existing member-area if you have one in your config file already):


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <tab caption="bpMemberAdmin">



The control has a few option in it's /config/bpMemberAdmin.config file:


        where Type can be "Membership", "Examine", "UmbracoNative"

 <DataGridPaging EnablePaging="true" PageSize="250"/>
       where EnablePaging can be "true" or "false" and PageSize any integer > 0.



This component has options to modify (e.g. delete and change) members and member properties, so as always - use it at your own risk.

The component is still in Beta, so give me a shout if you experience any issues - or if you have any recommendations or requests for improvements.

Source code is available - just havent packed it up yet, so contact me if you are interested via or twitter @tommypoulsen