2. Using the PdfCreator control

To use the PdfCreator control you need to add the PdfCreator macro to one of your templates.

This example uses a BookFrontpage template for the frontpage, and a Bookpage template for the sections.



Macro properties


  • DownloadFilename (string)
    Filename of the pdf-codument to download, e.g. "manual.pdf"
  • StylesheetFilename (string)
    Path to stylesheet to be applied, e.g. "/css/Book.css"
  • NodeId (content picker/int)
    Root nodeid of the node to convert.
  • UseSubnodes (bool)
    Determines whether all subnodes of the rootnode should be included also.
  • ImgTextUnderlying (bool)
    Determines whether images should be rendered below the text.
  • ImgTextWrap (bool)
    Determines whether text should be wrapped around images - only applies to left/right image alignments
  • ImgAlignment (int)
    Image alignment.
      1 = left
      2 = center
      3 = right
  • ContentDivId (string)
    If necesarry, only the content of the div-tag with this specific id-string will be converted - usefull to skip e.g. navigation elements etc.
  • Doctitle (string)
    Title of the document - appears in the page-header